Akdeniz Gemi was established in 1994, aiming to grow its products and activities in line with Global Companies and received TS EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate in 2006. We have documented its personnel and all equipment and show different from the other companies in the maritime.

Akdeniz Gemi in the traditional shipbuilding industry, which continues to develop with modern technology together with traditional production techniques, has become a brand that has been internationally recognized since the 1990s.

Mediterranean Ship continues to serve to the company with 50 dense factory and 100 more ship owner companies with the knowledge that it has provided with its staff and years of experience. With its own 1000 m2 closed area facility in the Tuzla shipyard area, which is modernized in 2006 and belongs to its own, It remains.

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IQ Net Cert.

ISO 9001

Quality Policy

Quality Management System Continuous healing, customer satisfaction and potentially the continuous increase, ethical values, respect the team spirit with staff, Personnel Satisfaction and Educational Level Continuous Developer, always in the sector a competitive company to be.

Environmental Policy

Mediterranean Shipping employees and senior management as part of our responsibility towards the environment and society, all our activities inside and outside the worksite environment and respect for human beings to perform, keeping in the forefront is our basic principle. Therefore, our policy towards the environment;

  • To comply with all laws and regulations related to the environment to accept and the minimum qualification continuously improve compliance with legal requirements.
  • Our company and staff trained in environmental issues, environmental awareness, thereby creating a company culture.
  • Separately collect and recycle waste materials wherever possible and contributing to other natural resources by reducing consumption of natural resources to prolong life.
  • Arising from our activities as possible to reduce our waste. Be respectful to people and the environment.
  • Today's people and to fulfill our responsibilities to future generations, acting with the awareness of environmental protection for our country and the world and our duty to spread this awareness. That all public policy, and neighborhoods are open to the public. When implementing environmental policy, all staff in achieving our goals, we will put every effort and are confident.